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The George Whitefield Tour

On Sunday afternoon, we loaded the carpools and headed down to Newburyport, MA to see the church built by the followers of the Reverend George Whitefield in 1756. If Jonathan Edwards was the spark plug that God used to start the Great Awakening, Whitefield was the lightening rod that set America ablaze with revival.

The most striking figure about the church is found in the basement. Whitefield requested to be buried and remain underneath the pulpit. Even though the pulpit was moved, his request has been granted and his body has remained under that very pulpit from which he preached the revival fires of America's great era. In the crypt, a cast of Whitefield's skull and Bible remain, as was the tradition on the day in 1770 when he died.

We hope you enjoy the pics. It was a wonderful day. Our prayer is that God would use us to spark and kindle a revival just like He did with Whitefield.

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