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Hi there, my name is Nathan...

​...and I am one of God's special treasures. God made me different from all the other boys and girls, and I have some very special needs. I don't process things like other kids, and school has been difficult for me. I have been to many churches where I am not very welcome, but I want to tell you about my church. They love me, want me, give me a place to belong, and introduced me to Jesus as my Savior. If you are looking for a church to visit that believes you are a treasure no matter what your struggle, will you come visit my church?

According to the Institute on Disability/UCED, Nathan is one of the 165,149 residents of New Hamshire who live with some kind of disability, which is approximately 12% of our state's population. Disabilities come in all shapes, sizes, and severities, but this one thing is sure: God created all people as equals and He loves them all the same. We believe people with disabilities are special treasures God has created for a unique purpose. 

For this reason, NESBC seeks to be an inclusive and accessible church for people with disabilities. That does not mean we understand or can relate to every disability, but it does mean that you can have a church family who is willing to be at your side during your journey. Our goals are to make our meeting place as accessible as possible for those with disabilities and introduce people with disabilities to people who love and care.  We do this by:

  • Ensuring you have easy access to our meeting facility. 

  • Listening and learning how we can serve you best since each person is different.

  • Emphasizing your importance in the Body of Christ.

  • Finding you a place to serve using your special skills, talents, and gifts.





We rent an older building (American Legion Post 35) that has two dedicated disability parking spaces along the side. Additional Parking is also available across the street and in the back of the building. Feel free to drop off and unload at the front of the driveway near the sidewalk. Our members certainly do. We will happily wait or assist you.

I would like to introduce you to some very dear saints of God who live in Arizona. Paul and Tabitha Norris founded Broken Vessels Hidden Treasures Ministries, a podcast & ministry dedicated to encouraging the broken & hurting, equipping Christians for disability ministry, and exalting Jesus Christ. After many years of struggling with an undiagnosed condition that left her wheelchair dependent, Tabitha was finally diagnosed with merosin-deficient muscular dystrophy in the summer of 2017. For a period, she wrestled with despair, until God transformed her attitude, bringing her to a place of peace and contentment. She rejoices in the LORD, knowing His grace is sufficient and His power is unlimited! Through various hardships in life, including the loss of his father to cancer, Paul learned to cling to the faithfulness and goodness of God. Out of the depths of compassion and experience as a full-time caregiver to his beloved wife, Tabitha, Paul is able to encourage and teach other families affected by disability. Their unique testimony of God’s grace led not only to a ministry for the underprivileged in India, but also to the development of Broken Vessels, Hidden Treasures, and speaking engagements in schools, churches, and conferences around the United States. The Norrises love to share how God’s power is perfected and magnified in weakness. They desire to encourage all those who are hurting to rest in God’s strength and goodness through the storms of life! Please visit them on their website or Facebook below. 

Paul & Tabitha Norris BVHT


Two restrooms (women's and men's) are located inside the entrance. Both have a wheelchair-accessible stall with a firm railing mounted to the wall.


We do not have traditional pews so we use folding chairs. Chairs with more support are available upon request. This allows us to accommodate all types of seating needs. We will find a place that meets your needs and makes you comfortable. 


We offer sanitized audio receivers (FM 103.7) and earbuds. You are welcome to bring your own earbuds (1.8mm) or we will happily gift you a new pair you can keep for your next visit. 



We are excited to see anyone come through our doors, and the Lord has blessed us with members who love to help those with developmental delays or autism, especially children. We believe children are not simply the church of tomorrow, but they are part of the church of today! If you or a companion needs individual attention, please let us know, and we will ensure the proper attention and care are given to you and your loved ones.


When New England Shores Baptist Church began, we had no idea whom the Lord would bring through our doors. Little did I realize at the time how difficult it would be for some to visit a church because of a disability. The Lord has burdened my heart to reach our community. Those without disabilities often take their lives for granted. At NESBC, we want to be sensitive to your needs. Please help us to learn how we can best assist you. 


We have a concrete ramp leading to a threshold with double doors that are easily opened. We use a portable ramp placed in front of the double doors with a slope of 2:12 (about 9.6 degrees). This ramp is readily available, 42 inches wide, and rated to hold 5,000 pounds. (Please pardon the salt and sand in the pictures. We ensure the entrance is safe for all).