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New England Shores Baptist Church is wholly committed to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a vibrant missions program. Because we are a small church plant in New Hampshire still dependent on missions support, our current missions funding is limited. Our missions philosophy is to support 1) Church Planters; 2) Likeminded missionaries who can agree in our doctrinal, dispensational, non-KJV-Only position, and Biblical separation positions; and 3) Fewer missionaries for more money. 

We use the King James Version as a personal preference, but we do not identify with the "King James Only" movement claiming the KJV is the only acceptable or inspired English translation. Any promises in the Bible of preservation are specifically made for Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words, and we believe there are no verses promising a perfect English translation.


We practice a closed missions philosophy. We are not open to the solicitation of missions support or missionary speaking opportunities. We limit these opportunities to the acquaintances of the pastoral staff or vetted recommendations from our own church members. 


We are currently dedicating all mission efforts to follow the Biblical pattern of reaching Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria prior to the uttermost parts of the earth by partnering with Nick and Lindsey Stelzig to plant Community Baptist Church of Lawrence, MA.

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