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LifeLine Publications is a ministry of New England Shores Baptist Church intended to help Christians in their walk with God. As this ministry grows, we will provide materials from various writers, pastors, and teachers on topics that are needed in understanding the Bible, current events, and contemporary issues. Please do not duplicate these materials without expressed permission from New England Shores Baptist Church. These materials are intended for personal Bible study and not mass production. All files are in PDF form. You can view them by clicking on the icon. 

Heaven: It seems like modern Christianity has forgotten that there is no place like home. This Bible study explores the joys of our eternal home, expels myths and common misconceptions, and examines the wonders that await all those who have put their faith in Christ. 

Jesus Christ Goes to Hollywood?: Since the dawn of the 21st century, Hollywood has taken a particular interest in Jesus and Christian film. In fact, since the year 2000, there have been more faith-based films produced than all of history combined. Is this interest for the furtherance of the gospel? How should Christians react to Hollywood's current trend toward holiness?

Islamic Evangelism: Not only is Islam the second largest religion in the world, it is also the fastest growing. With current events sending the globe into chaos, the Christian need to reach Muslims with the Gospel more than ever. This study explains the Islamic faith and how Christians can share the Gospel of Christ to people who are in need of salvation. 

Relationships: This is a collection of messages on having relationships that honor the Lord. You can download the pdf and follow along by clicking the sermons below. 

Vertical Before Horizontal


Resolving Conflict Biblically


Dealing with Difficult People


Stress Fractures


Emotional Slavery

Drinking & Thriving?: The topic of social drinking for Christians is one of intense debate. Previous generations have rejected the consumption of alcohol, but this is often viewed as tradition. This study gives a historical survey of wine and alcohol in four chapters: Gaining A Biblical Perspective, Winemaking 101, What Does the Bible Say?, & But What About???

The Christian and Halloween: The Christian is faced with many difficult choices and decisions throughout the duration of his Christian life. One such aspect of culture that every Christian would be wise to evaluate is the celebration of the holiday known as Halloween. What should be the response to this holiday by the modern Christian family?

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards: At the age of 19, Jonathan Edwards penned 70 theological resolutions that he would read over once a week and over 1,800 times over his lifetime. They are timeless truths that challenge ever Christian. 

On Religious Grumblers: Charles Spurgeon's wit shines through in the excerpt from  John Ploughman's Talk, a series of articles written to the average layman sitting in the pew. This publication is a reality check for all believers. 

The 95 Theses of Martin Luther: Martin Luther was one of the most influential people in church history. The nailing of his 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Castle Church began a religious and cultural epheaval

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