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Sunday Sermon: February 17, 2019

Hampton NH Bible Preaching Church
1 Corinthians 1:23 - "But we preach Christ crucified..."

Title: What To Do When My Faith Falters

Text: Luke 7:18-23

Proposition: Faltering faith requires a reacquaintance with God’s truth.

Introduction: Our text this morning in Luke 7 shows us what to do when our faith waivers. John the Baptist is in prison. He perceives that his life is about to end. Herod, who was king of a fourth part of the Roman province of Palestine, had taken his brother’s wife, a woman by the name of Herodias, and had married her. John had preached publicly against this unlawful relationship and had been arrested and thrown into prison. With this in mind, John sent his disciples to Jesus to ask Jesus two questions. The questions seem strange because of whom we perceive John the Baptist to be. John instructs his disciples to ask, “Are you the promised Messiah, or should we look for someone else?” How is this possible?

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