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Services for February 12, 2017

Dear Church Family,

Here we go again. Welcome to February's attempt to make January look silly. The plan for tomorrow is to operate on an adjusted schedule. There will be no Sunday school at 9:30 am or afternoon service at 1:15. I have requested a rescheduling of the George Whitefield tour for another Sunday.

The front of the storm will be here by 1pm, so we are planning on having a worship service from 10-11am at the Legion building. Those in the Concord area may be clear on Sunday morning, but there is supposed to be ocean-effect snow all through the night and morning here in Hampton. We will have no idea how the roads will be until tomorrow morning. It has been snowing and misting most of the day here and our road is sheer ice now. If that keeps up all night it will be tough going in the AM.

For further updates, please check either the church website ( or facebook page (

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