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Resolution Thursday

Jonathan Edwards was the last Puritan and the father of American theology. Some scholars still refer to him as the greatest theologian that America has ever seen. Even at the young age of 19, he proved that he was quite aware of his calling to be holy by writing 70 Resolutions. Edwards would read these Resolutions once each week as a reminder of his life calling. He did this for over over 35 years. Prior to entering heaven in 1758, Edwards read them over 1800 times. The result was a man of humble godliness who played a significant role in igniting one of the greatest revivals known to history, The Great Awakening. Even many secular scholars admit that Edwards was one of the greatest minds to be born on the North American continent.

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards are still a practical and beneficial tool for spiritual cultivation. May God use these thoughts and resolutions of a godly young man from nearly 300 years ago to propel us toward greater faithfulness, greater commitment, and greater usefulness for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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