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Daily Devotion: Sunday

Hampton NH Baptist Church Churches

Psalm of the Day: Psalm 104:18-35

Wisdom of the Day: Job 22:16-30

Scripture Reading: Luke 8:22-25

We see what fears and anxiety may assault the hearts of true disciples of Christ. We read, that "when a storm of wind came down on the lake," and the boat in which our Lord was sailing was filled with water, and in jeopardy, His companions were greatly alarmed. "They came to Him and awoke Him, saying: Master, Master, we are going to perish!"They forgot, for a moment, their Master's never-failing care for them in time past. They forgot that so long as they were with Him they must be safe. Sight, and sense, and feeling make men very poor theologians. Faith rules the day.

Facts like these are sadly humbling to the pride of human nature. They teach us what to watch and pray against in our own hearts, but we also see the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We read that when His disciples awoke Him in the storm, "He arose, and rebuked the wind, and the raging of the waters, and they ceased, and there was a calm." This was, no doubt, a mighty miracle. "To speak to the winds and waves" is a common proverb for attempting that which is impossible. But here we see Jesus speaking and at once the winds and waves obey!

As man, He had slept. As God, He stilled the storm. It is a blessed and comfortable thought, that all this almighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ is engaged on behalf of His believing people. He has undertaken to save each one of them to the uttermost and He is "mighty to save."

The trials of His people are often many and great. The devil never ceases to make war against them. The rulers of this world frequently persecute them. Yet, Christ's people shall never be forsaken or destroyed. Though cast down, they shall not be cast away.

Let true Christians rest in the thought, that "greater is He who is for them, than all who are against them." There is One living for them in Heaven, who can make these winds and waves to cease in a moment! The true Church shall never perish!

Prayer for the Day: Dear Lord, please help me to trust in your power today.

Action Plan: What trial are you going through right now? How can you trust God more? What verses will help you along the way?

This devotional was taken from The Gospel of Luke by J.C. Ryle published in 1858

and adapted by Pastor Tim Lewis of New England Shores Baptist Church.

New England Shores Baptist Church Hampton NH Seacoast

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