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Daily Devotion: Sunday

Hampton NH Baptist Church Churches

Psalm of the Day: Psalm 28

Proverb of the Day: Proverbs 18:1-12

Scripture Reading: Luke 3:15-20

We learn in these verses the change that Christ will work in his visible church at his appearing. We read in the figurative words of His forerunner, "that He will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather the wheat into His garner but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."

The visible Church is now a 'mixed' body. Believers and unbelievers, holy and unholy, converted and unconverted are now mingled in every congregation, and often sit side by side. It surpasses the power of man to separate them. False profession is often so like true profession; and grace is often so weak and feeble that, in many cases, the right discernment of character is an impossibility. The wheat and the chaff will continue together until the Lord returns.

But there will be a solemn separation at the last day. The unerring judgment of the King of kings, shall at length divide the wheat from the chaff, and divide them for evermore. The righteous shall be gathered into a place of happiness and safety. The wicked shall be cast down to shame and everlasting contempt. In the great sifting day — every one shall go to his own place.

May we often look forward to that day and judge ourselves, that we be not judged of the Lord. May we give all diligence to make our calling and election sure and to know that we are God's "wheat." A mistake in the day that the floor is "purged" will be a mistake that is irretrievable!

Prayer for the Day: Dear Lord, help me to live in a way that is ready for Jesus' appearing.

Action Plan: What needs to be removed from my life today in order to be ready to meet Jesus?

This devotional was taken from The Gospel of Luke by J.C. Ryle published in 1858

and adapted by Pastor Tim Lewis of New England Shores Baptist Church.

New England Shores Baptist Church Hampton NH Seacoast

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