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Book Recommendation - Commandos For Christ: The Gospel Witness In Bolivia's "Green Hell&quo

I was first introduced to this book when I was in Bible college as it was mandatory reading for a class. Over the years, I have come back to it with affection and awe over how God used Bruce Porterfield in ways that I cannot even imagine.

Porterfield was a pioneer missionary to the tribal area of Bolivia under New Tribes Missions for 69 years. The terrain and challenges to get the Gospel to the natives were difficult enough, but the natives themselves were even more daunting. They were often violent and murderous, yet Porterfield pushed on with a burden to do the work of God to reach people who the rest of the world considered to be savages. Porterfield recognized them as beautiful creations of God who needed the news of the Savior.

The book is written in a way that makes me not want to put it down. That is a big statement for me! It is not a boring biography with sterile facts and details. It is adventurous, breathtaking, and inspiring.

The book is now out of print and the copyright has expired. It can be read or downloaded for free at: You can also purchase it used at:

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