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Sunday Bulletin: April 14, 2019

Here are the latest happenings at NESBC!!!

Hampton NH Baptist Church

Sacrifice Sunday - April 21

Easter is a special time for the NESBC family. Our annual tradition is to hold a special offering designated for special needs that the church family may have. This year’s goal of $5,820 will go towards:

  • The leasing of a local office space that will serve as a pastor’s study.

  • The purchase of a washer and dryer for the Lewis’ usage.

  • Communion and offering plate upgrades.

  • Pulpit repair/replacement.

  • Would you please join us in praying for this special day?

Easter Dinner

All are welcome to join us here at NESBC for Easter dinner on April 21 following the morning service. Ham will be provided and there is a signup sheet available for side dishes. This is an excellent opportunity to invite friends, family, and community members to dinner if they have no place to spend Easter.

Creation Questions

Our midweek service will continue this week. We will ask and attempt to answer the question, “Does archaeology support the Bible.” If the Bible is true, then archaeology must match its contents.

Beverage Donation

The church is in need of donations for cans of coffee, soda, and bottled water. If you regularly enjoy these beverages, please help to defer the cost.

Mailbox Mixup

An error was recently made at the Post Office that ended up in all of our church mail being returned to senders. This error has now been corrected and PO Box 1726 is working again.

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