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Seventh Anniversary - September 24, 2017

Title: The Sinner’s Song

Text: Psalm 106:1

Proposition: The sinner has countless reasons to praise the Lord.

Psalm 106 makes us think seriously about our sin, and, therefore, to think seriously about the Savior resulting in thanksgiving to our God. Psalm 106 is the companion to Psalm 105, which emphasizes God’s sovereign grace in dealing with His elect people. Psalm 106 also emphasizes God’s grace, but against the backdrop of Israel’s repeated sins, which are listed in verses 6-43.

Praising God for His Goodness (1-3)

Plea for Salvation (4-5)

Sin’s Confession (6-43)

Wilderness Wanderings (13-33)

Land of Canaan (34-43)

God’s faithfulness in spite of Israel’s sin (44-46)

Restoration (47-48)

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