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Friday's Free Book

Hampton NH Church Baptist

Pioneer Missions: Meet the Challenges, Share the Blessings by Forrest McPhail is a free Kindle book available on Amazon until Sunday. Pastor Tim was under Forrest's spiritual care as a freshman at Bob Jones University.

Forrest McPhail grew up in the Chicago, IL, area. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four children. They arrived in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, as church planting missionaries in 2000. Forrest has had opportunities to write articles for various smaller publications and has served as an adjunct professor for the missions program at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. They love the Khmer language, Cambodian culture, and are grateful to God for the privilege of serving Him in Southeast Asia.

This book seeks to encourage readers to think biblically and practically about pioneer missions through the lens of a cross-cultural missionary who has served in Southeast Asia. Readers are led to meditate on the blessings and challenges of missions, then respond to them by applying biblical principles.

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