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Daily Devotion: Thursday

Hampton NH Baptist Church Churches

Psalm of the Day: Psalm 53

Proverb of the Day: Proverbs 30:1-17

Scripture Reading: Luke 5:12-16

We also see our Lord Jesus Christ's WILLINGNESS to help those who are in need. The petition of the afflicted leper was a very touching one. "Lord, if you will, you can make me clean." The answer he received was merciful and gracious. At once our Lord replies, "I will! Be clean!

Those two little words, "I will," deserve special notice. They are a deep mine rich in comfort and encouragement to all laboring and heavy laden souls. They show us the mind of Christ towards sinners. They exhibit His infinite willingness to do good to sinful men, and His readiness to show compassion.

Let us always remember, that if men are not saved it is not because Jesus is not willing to save them. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. He would have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth. He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. He would have gathered Jerusalem's children, as a hen gathers her chicks if they would only have been gathered. He would but they would not.

The blame of the sinner's ruin must be borne by himself. If he is lost forever it is his own will. It is a solemn saying of our Lord's, "You will not come unto me that you might have life." (2 Peter 3:9; 1 Timothy 2:4; Ezekiel 18:32; Matthew 23:37; John 5:40)

Prayer for the Day: Dear Lord, help me to realize that you not only can forgive sin, but you also want to forgive sin.

Action Plan: Since God wants to forgive sin, how frequently do I run to him and ask forgiveness. Try asking forgiveness immedietly when you sin today.

This devotional was taken from The Gospel of Luke by J.C. Ryle published in 1858

and adapted by Pastor Tim Lewis of New England Shores Baptist Church.

New England Shores Baptist Church Hampton NH Seacoast

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