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Daily Devotion: Monday

Hampton NH Baptist Church Churches

Psalm of the Day: Psalm 57

Wisdom for the Day: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Scripture Reading: Luke 5:17-26

Let us see the kindness and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Twice in this passage we see Him speaking most graciously to the poor sufferer who was brought before Him. He first addressed those marvelous and heart-cheering words to him, "Friend, your sins are forgiven!" Afterwards, He adds words, "Arise, take up your mat, and go home."

First Jesus assures him that his soul is healed. Then He tells him that his body is cured, and sends him away rejoicing.

Let us never forget this part of our Lord's character. Christ's loving-kindness to His people never changes, and never fails. It is a deep well of which no one has ever found the bottom! It began from all eternity, before they were born. It chose, called, and quickened them when they were dead in trespasses and sins. It drew them to God and changed their character, and put a new will in their minds, and a new song in their mouths. It has borne with them in all their waywardness and shortcomings. It will never allow them to be separated from God. It will flow ever forward, like a mighty river, through the endless ages of eternity!

Christ's love and mercy must be a sinner's plea when he first begins his journey. Christ's love and mercy will be his only plea when he crosses the dark river and enters his eternal home.

Let us seek to know this love by inward experience, and prize it more. Let it constrain us more continually to live, not unto ourselves, but unto Him who died for us and rose again.

Prayer for the Day: Dear Lord, thank you for your kindness and care that never runs out.

Action Plan: Consider how Jesus has been kind and caring to me. What verses speak of Jesus' kindness and care?

This devotional was taken from The Gospel of Luke by J.C. Ryle published in 1858

and adapted by Pastor Tim Lewis of New England Shores Baptist Church.

New England Shores Baptist Church Hampton NH Seacoast

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